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wonderful Jono Slack talk

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This is a wonderful (though just a bit dated, since he couldn't yet include his Q2 experience) survey of so many cameras and so many wonderful photos.

Since I'm posting this on the CL (as well as Q) board, I want to note that in his Q2 review he said he was off on holiday with the Q2 and CL + 55-135 lens, which should cover pretty much everything. At the time, I thought carrying those two kits simultaneously might be a strain. But I recently carried them together (the Q, not the Q2) for 2 weeks, and found it very comfortable and an entirely terrific way of covering most of what I would want to photograph. A great combo!

I also want to say that since buying the 55-135, I've been doubtful whether it was worth it (as I have both M and R versions of the 135). I even got a quote from Miami Leica for a swap. Fortunately, I kept it. Now that I've used it extensively, I've come to first understand and then to appreciate it. I think this lens needs some time to get the full best use from it. Now, it's one of the first lenses I grab for the CL.

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Ken, I understand your feelings so well. Recently, I purchased a used 35 TL at a very good price. It is a wonderful lens and the pictures I get are so sharp with  beautiful colors and bokeh. 

But, I also have a 55-135 that I truly love. It covers all the ranges I need for my  type of photography. Even 35mm!... Now I am wondering if I really, really needed this 35mm! But I guess with F/1.4, you can't go much wrong!.... Ever since I have it, I couldn't take it out from my CL!... My 18-56 is almost forgotten, unless for a trip, I suppose. 

But you know what? I also very much like what I get with my old Nikkor manual glasses. They have superb bokeh, and above all, I can focus exactly where I want. The only "problem" with them is that it takes too long to focus in street photography, specially if the subjects are moving.

So, as you see, we can never be satisfied. In the good  old time, I always had two Nikons. One for B/W, and one for color. But now, we don't have that problem. Now, the The "problem" is what lens to take!.... I always wondered if the principal of one camera/one lens (like Qs) is not the best. But when you have over 1/2 dozen of lenses, it is hard to go back!...

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I agree, Louis. With digital, there is hesitance to swap lenses while shooting for fear of dust. OTOH, it is trivial in post to "swap" color and B&W. The opposite concerns from film!  And I do think that digital zooms are so very different from manual zooms, especially because of autofocus and the somewhat limited fly-by-wire "manual" focuses. I was initially hesitant to buy TL lenses, since they are limited to half-sensor Leicas (unless one accepts significantly reduced MPS when used with a full sensor L mount). And, while that concern still remains, I admit that these are actually pretty fantastic lenses--worth the price. 

And yes, my 18-56 is getting very little use right now, as well. I agree that it's a wonderful travel lens, and I need to do more flash work with it to feel confident that I can get the most out of most situations. 

I, too, enjoy using my Nikon manual glass, as well as my M mount glass. My rule of thumb is: generally when I out alone, I use manual focus glass, when I'm with my wife, the autofocus lens is often the only way I can manage to get off some shots without her impatient look. 😀 

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