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SF 58 Display Irregularities

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Hi - I booted up my SF 58 for the first time in a while, maybe 6 months, and the display was acting up; stripes, flashing elements, etc. I changed the batteries, turned it off, and came back later to turn it on. Flash functioned normally. I initially thought the flash had been attacked by one of my children or that the firmware had been corrupted. Aside from that, it would be a stretch for a flash - particularly one made by Metz - to self-destruct sitting on a shelf.

Over the course of about 15 minutes, it continued to have a strangely "faded" display in stripes, which got better as I adjusted the settings (eventually you could see the menus, though faintly).  But then after a couple of minutes - sitting on my desk - it instantly snapped back to normal. And now I can't reproduce the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? My best guess is that there is a capacitor for the display that needed to recharge. Or ghosts.

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