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Kipon Iberit: Five L-Mount Prime Lenses

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Kipon – known as a provider of lens adapters – now offers L-Mount lenses (Leica SL / CL / TL/ Lumix S).

The range includes five manual focus prime lenses:

» KIPON Amazon-Shop


Here is a video by Charlie Carter who had the opportunity to test the lenses:


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Wonderful, nice primes for the L mount system, I hope they deliver, I enjoy MF with the CL.

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Posted (edited)

I wonder how their 75/2.5 L mount compares with my recently ordered 7Artisans M mount 75mm/1..25 lens. I prefer to buy in M mount other than my real favourite of LTM, as that confers more flexibility of usage than L mount does, especially for manual focus lenses, where there is no advantage to the L mount over M (plus an adapter for L). For the last 13 years I have not been very happy with my very early (1st week of on sale) 75/2.5 Summarit, which somehow makes really boring looking "flat" photos, so I have consigned it to being used as a technical/copying lens, where its flat rendition is a boon. For photographic use I much prefer my 1952 85/1.5 LTM Summarex, which has character in bags and for a mid 30's design, pre-optical path electronic computer analysis, is an amazing performer with high contrast and resolution at least in the centre of the image. Max's ladies must have worked overtime on their comptomers or whirly calculators to compute that one. I am hoping that the 75/1.25 7Artisans will have similar characteristics to the Summarex in a smaller and far lighter package. I am sure it will not be nearly as good as the 75/1.25 Noctilux but at 5% of the price, I would bet it will not be 20 times worse. 


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