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The first time I charged my Q2's battery it went to the green "charge" light. Yesterday the battery indicator was red. so I charged it overnight. this morning both the green charge and the orange 80% are lite. does this mean it's not fully charging? I pulled it out and re-inserted it. the charge was blinking but then stopped after 5 minutes. the orange 80% is still lite.? to me this means it's stuck between 80-100%? ? Anyone else experience this?

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It may take several charge cycles to reach the maximum charge capacity of a LiIon battery. I’d guess that’s what’s going on with your hattery. I’d recommend using the camera and letting the battery get below half-charge then recharge it. Hopefully it achieves full charge as indicated after a few cycles. 

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1 hour ago, Ron Naeve said:

Thanks guys. Colourise, mine too. I think i'm ok. but also, i'll take iQ2's advice and shoot, let it go down and then re-charge it.

I bought the Nitecore charger and like it a lot. Smaller and works off USB. It gives the mAH used to charge the battery which would be the actual capacity of the battery if it were fully discharged before you started charging. 

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