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Will the long wait for the S3 bring anything new?

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Within a given area, the AF will focus on the nearest "thing". When I am so close, that the difference between lid and eyeball matters, I think I can get the eyeball sharp. At last I have not had any issues so far with it - using the the 2.5/120 and the 2.5/70.

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On 7/29/2019 at 12:56 PM, albireo_double said:

I have just returned from vacation where I shot with my recently purchased SL and the 16-35 and 70 APO lenses. I have to say that I am very impressed with the image quality, and the long wait for the S3 may just bring a realisation that in fact, I don't need one (especially if it costs what it has been rumoured to cost). It may well happen that I stick with the S007 for the photoshoots and the SL for travel and everything else. I am still surprised though, why we haven't seen any teasers, sample images, advertising regarding the S3, ten months after the announcement. As if Leica did no want us to keep excited about the camera - I feel like being told "we don't really want to make and sell the S3, so go buy something else and forget we ever announced it". Well, I would happily forget if it were not for the seven S lenses sitting in my cabinet which I can't sell so easily. So Leica, take whatever time is needed  (including at least a month-long company-wide Summer holiday on the Baltic coast for the entire staff, to get everyone properly refreshed and focused on the task) to meticulously and precisely handcraft the unique S3 product which you surely will not launch until it is faultless (meaning that if I buy it, I will not have to send it to Wetzlar for a sensor replacement within a month like my S2, and will not need custom firmware fixes to address horizontal lines across my images like with my S007). Am I the only one who is losing interest in the S3?

Yes, a "seven S lenses sitting in my cabinet which I can't sell so easily" and I'm occasionally using on my SL...

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I am sure that each user will have different methods/preferences. Certainly the S system has limitations. As far as I can see, the S3 will work in a similar manner to the earlier models. With the Typ 007, I shoot portraits with the 120, typically f/9.5,  always on tripod and usually I place the near eye in centre of frame at the reticle. Then I crop after to the composition I want. That avoids the error introduced by changing the angle/ distance with focus and recompose. I use the MF and back button AFS method. With a static model offering a series of expressions I find that not refocusing for every frame can still work. If the models head movement is more animated of course that camera to eye distance is going to vary. I have shot very little wide open where it’s much more critical of course. For me anything off the tripod means much more variation and more likely to have misses.

i haven’t bothered with the live view method. It does seem that the focus assist magnification there is very precise should you want to shoot very deliberately. Needs to be tripod mounted again and a static subject

On technical aspects, I think the optional split image screen can provide the finest accuracy for MF and I would add that the seating of the screen in its frame is critical if you swap screens. You don’t want it loose, insecure obviously. The mirror position adjustment affects accuracy too. That’s not a user adjustable thing.

The camera is going to self calibrate with the lens whenever you switch on. I think that would be incompatible with any user adjustment via menu?



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There's a saying on the trading floor. "Every day you buy your portfolio anew." If you wouldn't buy those lenses at their market price, sell them. If they've lost value, but you'd buy them at their market price, then keep them. Never "wait for it to come back". Even if that (historically) works for markets in general, it may not work for what you're holding.

Ok, traders don't use words like "anew". It was probably "Would you buy it there? No? Then &%$#-ing sell it!", but my memory has gone foggy. I may not use the S gear much, but I wouldn't sell at these prices. S3? Doesn't exist until it ships. So nothing to think about.

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