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Leica CL and UHS-2 SD cards

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Hello everyone,

I have just now added a Leica CL to my Leica SL kit, using R, M and L lenses.  I used the "Search" function of the forum, but came up empty.  The CL manual states that the camera accepts UHS-2 SD cards (as it must!) but does it actually use the increased throughput of the UHS-2 cards?

Thanks in advance.


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No answer, so I did a quick and rough test:


Leica CL, 18-56 zoom, fresh battery.

Manual mode, 1/50th, f3.5, Manual focus, DNG+JPG.

Continuous High Speed drive mode.

UHS-1: Lexar Professional SDHC, Class 10, 133X Speed, 8 GB:  31 photos, 62 files.

UHS-2 Lexar Professional SDHC. Class 10, 1000X Speed 150MB/s, 16 GB:  49 photos, 98 files.


So, UHS-2 rated cards do make a difference.  Whether it is worth the more expensive cards is up to you.



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