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counterfeit Fuji Film

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About "35mm film non-regular product which used FUJIFILM logo illegally"

June 24, 2019

Fujifilm Corporation

Dear customers

Thank you for your continued patronage of our film products.

It has been found that “a 35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo” (see attached photo) packed with movie film (* 1) has been brought to a development handling shop in Japan. These are the fraudulent use of our logo, not the products we offer.

Please note that these products are packed with movie film inside the used 35mm, and can not be developed with the normal color negative film development process (CN-16, C-41). If the photo shop develops, it may contaminate the developer and it may be necessary to change the solution and to clean the rack of the developing machine, which may lead to development failure of other customers' films. In order to avoid these risks, the shop will refuse the development of non-genuine products.

We are not responsible for any problems caused by such non-regular films. In addition, we have already implemented this warning notice to developing film handling shops and processing facilities for general purpose films.

We look forward to your continued patronage of our products.

Example of "35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo" packed with movie film

Besides 250D in the attached photo, there may be different types such as 64D, 250T and 500T.
In this example, there is a display of "shooting" which means "movie" in Chinese. There is no description of "image" on our regular 35mm type.


















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Posted (edited)

This appears to be a repackaging of a real Fuji motion picture film (now discontinued, since Fuji has abandoned the motion picture market) - Eterna 250D Vivid 8546


Probably cut down from a 400-foot roll. Not unlike "CineStill" films - except that CineStill is much more ethical in how they label and prepare their versions of cine film.

The use of the Fujifilm logo is no doubt illegal. And Fuji certainly wants to make it clear that 1) unmodified movie film can really mess up a standard "still" C-41 lab (google "rem-jet backing"), and 2) may well be out-of-date or otherwise compromised by storage or handling by the third-party doing the repackaging. It isn't how Fuji intended this product to be handled and used, and they (correctly) don't want to be blamed for any nasty outcomes.

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Whoever it is they must have tons of the stuff to justify the trouble of repackaging it and getting it into shops. Equally they don't appear to be lying about the contents, the film is what the cassette says it is. Trademarks aside are Fuji just covering themselves by raising the question about the remjet coating, or are they outright saying that it hasn't been removed like it is with CineStill movie film? 


The illegality of the packaging is one thing, although Chinese manufacturers are notoriously literal and may not even question telling you on the cassette exactly what is inside, but if they have purchased a vast stock legally, and they have removed the remjet coating, then Fiji's response is also questionable. It will be interesting where the truth is.

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