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Infra-red 37988 for Pradovit CA 2502

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I have a Pradovit CA 2502 that is working flawlessly.

Looking for a remote to be used with it I have found the Leitz Infrarot-Fernbedienung PCM 37 988, which according to its instruction leaflet is compatible with the Pradovit CA 2502 starting from serial No. 145758.

Unfortunately, my CA 2502 bears serial No. 140070 and when I plug the receiver of the remote in the 14-pin socket of the projector the lamp switches off and no remote control is possible...

Does anybody know what kind of modification was introduced in CA 2502 from serial No. 145758 and if that modification might be retrofitted to previous samples?

Or anybody has a service manual for Pradovit CA 2502 in pdf for my perusal as to find the above information?

Thank you very much in advance for any reply.

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Thank you so much Jeroen. It will take a while for me to translate and understand the document in German (with hand notes in a language that is maybe Dutch?), I will very likely be back soon with more specific questions.

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Unfortunately (despite additional suggestions received in private from Jeroem) I am still not able to get the remote 37988 working with the Pradovit CA 2502.

First I have tried  removing connections for the resistor (blue and green cables) from the receiver 10 pin plug.

On a second attempt I have replaced the 10 pin plug with a 8 pin plug following the scheme in the pdf above.

I have checked the 9 volt battery in the remote and all the connections, with no success. Any additional suggestions would be very welcome.


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I hereby thank again Jeroen for patience and guidance to find a solution for my problem.

In case anybody in the future will need this information I am reporting it below.


Replace the receiver 10 din plug for a 8 din plug and connect the cables as follows:
White from 1 to1
Pink from 2 to2
Grey from 3 to 3 (+)
Brown from 7 to 4 (focus)
Yellow from 6 to 6 (-)
Isolate the blue and green wires, they are not used.

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