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C1 Custom icc sharing thread

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Let me starts the ball rolling.

    Download link:  < https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcyz9yotsslivxo/LeicaT-Generic-Std.icm?dl=0  > 

Where are icc stored in C1
For Windows, C1 recognizes all icc files stored in the following folders. Adhere to correct icc naming convention  to avoid confusion. For Mac, the icc file is with default file extension .icc. They can be renamed and used interchangeably.
1. C:\Users\JC\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Color Profiles  (hidden folder, for long-term custom icc storage)
2. C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color (for testing, temporary custom icc storage)
3. C1 system installed folder, Not recommend

Leica T exposure with lens TL-23 and with Filmtype Standard
To minimize highlight clipping, I always set the exposure compensation at -2/3 stop. I wonder if this is the practice with Leica T. 

With C1, for minor exposure adjustment,  I prefer to use a tone curve. For simplicity, use the above custom icc instead of C1 Generic icc. 
Note that tone curve adjustment does not modify the raw exposure. For this custom icc, only the tone curve in C1 Generic icc was changed. 

😊 Your suggestions are most welcome.

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For examples
1st pic: with C1 Generic icc
2nd pic: with Generic-Std.icm
3rd pic: ooc

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2 more custom icc for sharing today.

    Download link:  < https://www.dropbox.com/s/rm9h1kkc4rh5fhr/LeicaT-Generic-Portrait.icc?dl=0  >

    Tone is less contrast with compared to LeicaT-Generic-Std.icm. Hence Portrait friendlier with this custom icc.

    Download link:  < https://www.dropbox.com/s/coddjt8yno4ngyl/LeicaT-Provia.icc?dl=0  >

    Built from ground up with mini 24 color checker and with Fujifilm's Provia as color reference. 

icc vs icm
C1 uses .icm under Windows. Profile creator output with .icc
No attempt is made to change it as both file extensions can be recognized by C1.

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