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Polariod SX70 converion

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    • By WanLevia
      Hi to all Leica lovers,
      I'm new to the forum, at least as registered user, and I want to thank you all for all your invisible support you gave me when searching for precious info about Leica. Probably the best resource online on this specific and lovable world.
      I'm interested to test some 35mm prime lenses (no Leica) for my digital M.
      I've heard about great results with:
      Voigtlander 35mm f2.5 Color Skopar Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f2.8 Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f2.0 (someone online affirming it is not sharp as the Zeiss 2.8) I know this is probably an old challenge but I just wanted to follow up it on 2020 , and I'm interested to a new lens.
      Anyone here who want to share its opinion both on digital or analogical is very very welcome.
      Furthermore....is it worth the Zeiss price gap (currently double the price for new)?
      Thanks a lot
    • By Ian clegg
      First time post, be gentle. 
      I want to bring my raw files from Monochrom into silver efex. SEP. But it will only accept RGB. Will this lead to loss of quality ? When I scan my black and white negs I do so in greyscale and that’s  perfect for printing to black and white paper at Metro. 
      It seems to defeat the object of the Monochrom if I have to convert to RGB ?
      Am I missing a trick ? What say you ?
    • By HpS
      Now that Leica has acquired Sinar, it might help many of us to have a forum on the Sinar Digital camera/LF digital backs/& lenses.
      I am specifically trying to gather ideas and tips of how to use my old Sinar f and go digital with it.
      Anyone with such interests, information and experience here? Would be happy to learn whatever I can on this. Thank you.
    • By rfnewb
      Hi everyone. Recently purchased an MM1, in love with the flexibility of the files. I shoot 95% black and white, and this camera let’s me focus on my favorite images.
      I got a potential trade in deal for an M10, and am attracted by the newer architecture, features, and reliability. I’m planning on going for it, but I want to find out if the M10 can still make great monochrome images.
      Can the M10 files match - or even surpass - those of the MM1? I’m happy to learn whatever PP is needed to make this happen.
    • By wojtek_87
      Very first try with a rangefinder - the MP 240 + 35 summilux
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