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Even though I believe I'm following all the steps (battery fresh out of the charger, SD card empty, formatted in-camera, holding only the firmware update file) I'm not able to update the firmware of my T (currently running 1.6, looking to upgrade to 1.9). Is there a wonky combination of settings that makes the Video ON + Turn-on not work (the camera just starts up normally). I've successfully updated the firmware in the past, so I'm baffled. Thanks!

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  1. Download an updated version of the firmware.

  2. Copy the firmware file onto a SD Memory Card in its top level folder.

  3. Make sure to turn off the power switch on the camera.

  4. Insert the fully charged battery to the body. If the battery is not fully charged, the update process

    screen will not appear.

  5. Insert the SD Memory Card into the camera.

  6. Turn the camera – while simultaneously pressing the video release button – on.

  7. The firmware update screen will appear. Press OK.

  8. The LEICA T will start the update process. The firmware update will take about 90 seconds.

  9. After the update process please restart the camera.

The most common mistake is not putting the file in the top level (root) folder.  Follow the instructions to the letter.

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I put in a battery right off the charger...SD card is formatted in-camera with only the firmware file on it (see image)...Video ON and Power ON and normal camera screen comes up. Weird.

Thanks for the replies...even though I'm still at square one.


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