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Overgaard's Angst about the S1R

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Leica will survive by sticking to its tradition of making great lenses in a way that’s too expensive for others to do because they have the luxury to be able to charge for them. They don’t have to have the latest features in their cameras for people to buy them. Just like Ferraris won’t need level 5 ADAS for people to want to ride in one. 😂

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The camera cycle has nothing to do with my photo taking or my enjoyment .... when I am interested in buying something there is now a wider variety of choices, buy beware, but my abilities are not tied to the options. I could care less about new mounts or cycles ... if I have a need its nice to know the market can fill it ... if I don't, well I just go on and the market evolves without me ... i don't own shares in any camera companies so if they go bust they go bust because their are too many cameras competing for a narrowing base as phone cameras continue to improve . . . I hope Leica stays in business and their plan, a niche seller, generally works well versus those going for mass sales ... as long as someone is still making film I will be fine

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Interesting thread. The link in the top should work fine. 

This is the article with the written review, as well as the now two video reviews: 


On perfection, camera market and the quality of having a Leica, one can sit down and for a while replay the time form then the Leica M9 was released now 10 years ago (almost). The splurge in enthusiasm amongst grown men and women, and the the many new Leica M users. When we look back now, we may realize it was a very special period and a landmark for Leica and their users). Since then it's been MM, M240, M246 and now M10, and quite a few CL, TL and SL cameras on the side. It's not the same feeling of new territory, and maybe that is a little sad, but it is what it is. Leica have stayed on track with optimum lenses, and as the only manufacturer of electronics, they remove buttons and features when they upgrade cameras (true for the Leica Q2 and the Leica M10). 

You may either hang onto one camera and focus on what's in front of it, and/or focus on photography, but now splurge in the never-ending supply of new models. I found a middle road, having had M10 in both silver and black, then replacing them with M10-P versions in silver and black, then replacing them with the M10-P Safari and M10-D. Same camera essentially, but moving forward. And I find that I revisit my old DMR and MM these days also, including some of the older lenses.

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