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Probelm on adjusting my leica m4 RF alignment

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Hello guys, I found that my lecia m4 RF alignment need to adjust. 

However, when I want to screw the biggest bolt in the mount, I found that I can't screw it.


It totally fixed. 

I google a lot of article, but I don't find anyone else has same problem like me.

AS a result I come here to ask you guys; is there anyone had same problem like me?8

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tepo erro hallow->hello

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Can you confirm which of those screws you've been trying to turn? A picture with an arrow would be helpful

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1 hour ago, convexferret said:

Can you confirm which of those screws you've been trying to turn? A picture with an arrow would be helpful

I only try on this the biggest screw. 

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Posted (edited)

excentric A is adjustement for infinity, B for 1m. Both need to be corrected alternatively (more steps) to get optimal result at infinity, 10m and 1m.
For A I have a special screwdriver, prepared in that way that it fills up completly the slid. If you use standard, stright screwdriver it may slip off the slid.

When adjusting A it is good to put a bigger distance shim between the arm and bayonet mount not to bend the arm.
If you still will not be able to turn A remove the whole arm (mark position of excentric shim under the screw B ) and try to turn it having the arm on flat surface and supported.

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