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M-D (Type 262) production numbers?

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Just out of interest, does anyone have a clue about M-D type 262 production numbers?

I've only seen a few for sale second hand this year, one of which I purchased. I'm guessing people are really happy with them (I know I am) or they are relatively scarce?

So, I wondered if anyone knows how many were produced?


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Incredible, your M-D is a couple of number from mine.

So may it be the same batch.


Concerning the productions numbers of M-D (typ 262),  I had same question for long since I purchased mine AND no answer ( maybe ask Leica Camera ? ).

I made a kind of statistics with those second hand sellings of M-D that I came across.

Those serial numbers gave me nothing reliable, they are so variable to mean something to count.

Here we have already  two 5 150 xxx

others M-D are 4 987 xxx and 4 998 xxx

I can only bet that only a couple of hundreds made, but I don't care much 😇




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Thanks, so far I've found the following, serial numbers with location (not necessarily the location sold in)

4982424 austria
4982426 singapore
4987xxx unknown
4987xxx uk
4987528 italy
4987584 austria
4987584 austria
4987621 uk
4998xxx unknown
4998631 germany
4998695 Japan
5150xxx unknown
5150xxx unknown
5150146 italy
5150177 germany
5150491 uk (mine)

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The serial numbers that have been identified so far are 4982xxx, 4983xxx, 4987xxx, 4998xxx, 5142xxx and 5150xxx. I assume this to be over the entire production period of the M-D 262 of  approximately two years, April 2016 to April 2018. If the first four digits of the serial numbers are allocated only to the the M-D 262, then it would suggest a total of 6,000 units were produced over that two year period. Does this sound like a plausible production number of M-D 262s?

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