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Show us your Noctilux wide open shots


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Cinestill 800T | Leica mp | Noctilux 0.95 (Scanned with Sigma fp + 105 Macro Art | Processed with Negative Light Pro v2.3)


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On 12/15/2021 at 11:59 AM, trickness said:

75 Nocti on SL2

Very nice image, it seems the 75 Noctilux will be another legendary lens like it’s predecessor the 75 Lux 

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3 hours ago, Keith (M) said:

A wet December night on the High St.

50mm f1 v4 on A7III.

I love the star highlights on the Christmas Tree. And, although sometimes I read that this lens is not quite sharp, it seems beautifully crisp to me.

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8 hours ago, farnz said:

I was just wondering if the lens was wide open as per the thread title, Keith?


Well, that was certainly my intention Pete, but I do see why you ask.  It was raining and miserable so perhaps in my haste the aperture ring was nudged.  This one I'm reasonably certain was f1.

50mm f1 v4, A7III

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