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When you know the Leica virus hit you again....

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After being 5 years without Leica bought a M10p with 35 and 75 in december 2018.

Now it is bit more... Lens carrier of a M6. 50mm voigt. 80-200 R lens with m adapter. macro adapter 10mm. visoflex 020. different straps. Ona bag (leica edition). xrite colormunki and passport. ex disk WhiBal graycard. SD card holder leica. Oh and top of all Monochrome and 240 USB keyrings.... And stick a black logo over the screw of the M10p... Why...

What happend to me... 😉

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That stuff is only at the beginning stage 😉.

I know some (more than one person) who began buying big stuff and the stuff becomes bigger and bigger, till now.

As side note, the same people bought something "new", then realize when at home time to store it, discover that the same stuff was already there,

...where is the place to store the "new" before use 😵.


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I just come home from Cannes and there I learned that a so called Day Boat is called a Day Boat because it can not cruise longer than one day. And this goes as follows: The fuel tank contains 10'000 liters and the consumption of the engine is 600 to 850 liters per hour.

So pls. do not tease PasMichiel. He is extremely modest.

I made a lot of photographs of many of these beautiful boats with my M10. I might post a few pictures.

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8 hours ago, WvE said:

Other people buy boats or cars, so enjoy it! 

Buying new stuff is always fun but so is improving your photography skills, in the long run perhaps even more satisfying than buying gear... 

So true. I only use one camera and most of the time one lens. The rest stays home most of the time... 😊

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On 5/22/2019 at 12:40 PM, Gobert said:

I recognise the feeling. I’ve experienced the same.

But, as I explained to my beloved wife, it is always better to spend our money on Leica gear than on hookers and liquer. 

There are many things of which a man could be a connoisseur that are exponentially worse than M cameras and lenses.

Somehow, these words are of little comfort to the wife of a Leica enthusiast.  😎

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Don`t smoke or drink or have girlfriends,  don`t have a big house,  one car is 15 years old and the other is 6, each bought new and still look new and have unbelievable low mileage .  Have money in the bank and invested.   I do have perpetual GAS and she does not complain much.  It is getting better because as old as I am,  I can only carry so much. Learning to love three lenses. 35, 50, 90.

Teaching my son who is 50 darkroom process.  Got a nice payback yesterday  when wife and I could not find more than three11x14 trays, nice cescolite ones, not the cheep ones.  Searched all over with no luck.  How many did I have? At least 4.  Well when spread the 3 trays I had,  the one marked developer was missing.  Son found two under the darkroom sink cabinet and I have no Idea how they got there except a plumber installed a new faucet.

Anyway saved me $50 and we got to work.  

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On 1/2/2020 at 2:56 PM, albertknappmd said:

Looks like very bad GAS

Certainly! In defence I plead not wife/spouse acceptance factor but age. I am in my early seventies and I reckon that, If I am lucky, I will have about ten years of healthy activity in which to enjoy using my Leica gear. And I am NOT going to buy a Q2 or even the M11 (if and when it appears). Honestly😆. But I am not ruling out another lens or two, when the need arises.

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