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Why doesn't my CL show f-stop for adapted Leica M and R lenses?

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This is true even when using the Leica R to L and M to L apapters. With my SL and the same lenses and adapters, an f-stop shows up in the EXIF. I realize that it is an estimate, but it is usually within one stop of the actual one. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?

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Leica stopped doing this at some point because the lens opening listed with M and R lenses on the SL and other bodies is an estimate, and they got too many complaints that it wasn't the correct number. Then, at some other point, they seemed to reinstate it on some cameras. The CL doesn't list it, so they didn't set the firmware on this one to include the estimated f/number. That's all. 

Personally, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. If I am given exposure settings data, I want it to be accurate. If it can't be accurate, then I ignore it anyway when it is provided. When I'm using manual lenses, I remember what my aperture setting is nearly all the time anyway. (It's usually two stops down from wide open, as a rule of thumb... and it's usually obvious when I've got it wide open or more stopped down than that.) :D

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