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Elmarit-R 35/2.8 polarizer

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I purchased a Elmarit-R 35mm 2.8 lens and would like to aquire a polarizer filter for it. When looking on line I find that I need a 14160 adaptor ring (Series VI). 

Is it possible to just buy a 43mm circular polariizer and and srew it into the lens threads?

Thanks for any info.

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Welcome here,

No you can't screw E43 filter (43mm x 0.50mm) on Serie VI filter thread ( 41.3mm size ).

The only way to use filter on Serie VI lens is using Serie VI filter.

I don't know if the 14160 adapter let you turn the POL filter though.

I have Elmarit-R 2.8/28mm that the hood 12509 ( https://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/12509 here Wiki hood) can be used to turn the Serie VII POL

with sort of wheel on the hood side.

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I was told I needed a series filter and filter retaining ring for my 24mm/2.8 Elmarit R. However I have been using e60 UVA and polarizer filters with no problems and either fit under the original hood. The only thing that does not work, is the small filter rotator wheel on the hood for rotating the polariser. I have found that rotating the latest B+W Kasemann Pola filters only has a minimal effect on the Elmarit 24, so this is not a feature I miss greatly. I think the only time you might need to rotate is to reduce sunlight reflections off water. 


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