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    • By Phillmcc
      Hi everyone , I have been told that a lot of early Leicas have three screws around the baseplate tripod mount , I've also been told that all or most of the fake Leicas have those same screws. Can anyone tell me when Leica stopped adding those screws on the baseplate please.
      I own a fake body which I purchased knowing that it is fake by the way :) 
    • By frank yantorno

      This Camera was deliverded to me 18 Nov. directly from Leica Camera AG. I opened the box to examine the cameras functions indoors. There are less than 100 shutter actuations.The box includes everything exactly how it was shipped to me by Leica AG. It is a very beautiful premium compact camera with 4/3 sensor and great functions.
      I will ship anywhere in EU for $25.00 until Dec 15.
      After Dec. 16 I will bring to The States and ship inside the US for free.

    • By Wolle
      Zum Verkauf steht mein neuwertiges Summilux 1:1.4/35mm ASPH in Silber mit Originalverpackung und Zubehör.

      Das Objektiv wurde von mir im Mai 2018 bei Leica gekauft und ist in absolut neuwertigem Zustand und ist seit März 2019 nicht mehr im Gebrauch. Es  hat keinerlei Beschädigung oder Kratzer etc.

      Wegen des geplanten Verkaufs wurde das Objektiv bei Leica in Wetzlar geprüft und gereinigt. Die entsprechende Dokumentation und die Originalrechnung sind vorhanden. Werksgarantie besteht noch bis Mai 2020.

      VB: 3.490 €

      Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte via Email: wolle@sundivecenter.com

      Dies ist ein Privatverkauf! Keine Garantie, Gewährleistung oder Rücknahme!  
    • By CRTZMO
      Does anyone own or has anyone seen a Leica Q2 Thumb support?
      Thanks in advance for a quick ping if you have — cheers!
    • By NRKstudio
      Disclaimer: I am very new to the SLx firmware, so it may be user error here, but thanks in advance if you can solve this issue.  
      Does anyone have an idea how to turn on permanent exposure simulation when the camera is in Manual mode ( set aperture, set shutter speed, auto iso)?  The SL2 will not preview the exposure even when the shutter is half way pressed.  I think it’s the autoISO that is disabling the exp preview in Manual mode.  When you use exposure compensation in Manual mode, it doesn’t change the look of the preview on the lcd at all, the exposure doesn’t seem to change until you take a picture and then see the screen as all black or washed out.  
      I had the same problem with the Q2, I posted there a few months ago without a solid answer to the issue.  
      Even when the exposure simulation is set to PASM, the exposure (f stop, shutter speed and iso) is not simulated when looking at the rear LCD or through the view finder.  
      On the M10-p, this is not the same deficiency of exposure preview at all.  On the M, With the shutter set, the aperture set (manual lens of course), and the iso on Auto, you can change the Ev compensation and watch the preview react by brightening or darkening without having to half press the shutter.  The live view reflects the shot you are actually taking, unlike the SL2 which does not display how bright or dark the shot is going to come out.  
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