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Sigma adapter MC 21 and the CL

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Beside my SL  I own a CL, which I like very much even for macros, when I do not want to carry the SL with me. On the SL I use for macros native lenses from Canon. i.e. a 180 mm. a 100 mm and the ver special MP-E 65. These lenses I use together with the Novoflex adapter which does not work with the CL at all. Together with the CL I use for macro purposes the Leica L Macro 60 mm, which is exellent. But often I would like to have a much longer focal length and the Canon lenses together with the crop of the CL would be perfect. So I was ver hopeful, the new Sigma adapter MC 21 for Canon EF lenses to Leica L would fulfill my wish. Therefore I went to the shop where I normally buy my photo gear to try if it works. It did not at all with the CL. Not with the native Canon EF 100 mm and not even with the Canon EF Macro 150 mm from Sigma itself. By the way, the configuration Panasonic S together with the native Canon EF 100 mm Macro worked well. I do not know, what is the problem with the CL - the adapter or the lens or both (the Sigma 150 is an old lens which cannot be updated and is not in the list of compatible lenses of Sigma), but I find the situation very unsatisfying. There is obviously no way at this time, to use any modern  macro lens which more than 60 mm together with the CL and to benefit from all advantages the CL has. And the situation seems not to change in near future. Sigma has only a 70 mm macro in the pipeline for  the L - and this no improvement for me and Leica does not have a modern macro lens with more than this 60 mm  for the CL and not even for the SL . Yes, I know I can adapt the Canon lenses with double adapting - first to Leica M - then to Leica L. but this is not a satisfying way for me and has a lot of disadvantages. I hope that either Sigma or Leica or both together will find a way to make it possible to use the Sigma adapter with the CL and native Canon EF lenses or they should offer a own macro lens with 150 mm focal lenght app. Or Leica should make it possible to use the Novoflex adapter with the CL too.




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My solutions for longer lens macro work: 

  • Leica Elmar-R 100mm f/4, Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8, or Elmar-R 180mm f/4, (all mounted on Focusing Bellows-R)
  • Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4 ED-IF

I've not, to date, found that I needed greater than a 300mm eqFOV macro lens. :) The Elmarit-R 135, fitted with a 2x Extender-R behind it, managed to capture this photo of one of my 1:43 cars pretty nicely ... that's full-frame-width at 6.5 feet distance: 

ISO 800 @ f/4 @ 1/4 sec

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You are lucky, that you can change the aperture at your Nikon because it has a aperture ring, my Canon lenses do not have.  And for bigger magnifications there is no solution at all which is as comfortable as the MP-E 65 with the Novoflex adapter on the SL. OK,  I can use the SL - but I really  no understand there is not such a solution for the CL. Or at least, why Sigma will bring up a similiar macro lens as the Leica 60 mm is and not one which is missing  with longer focal length.

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