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S1R and long lenses


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S1R with Nikkor 400mm f2.8E, handheld, at 1/30 sec - with sensor stabilisation on. Quite impressive. IBIS does not guarantee sharp photos at 400mm :blink:, but it certainly helps a lot. The crop shows the actual pixels. On the crop, the letters in focus show a grid pattern not seen on the printed book cover - originating from the sensor array or Lightroom's interpretation of the raw-file, I assume.


Novoflex electronic adapter gives correct exif information; control of aperture; no af; at most 3 fps.

Dumb/mechanical adapters give no aperture or af control obviously; but max fps (aperture defaults to wide open, but it can be preset to any fixed aperture by pressing the preview button while removing the lens on a body with aperture control). Note that in this case the lens focal length need to be set manually in order for sensor stabilisation to be optimised for the lens (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb0Chroc7hM&t=23s at 2:18).


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I tried the MC21 with the Sigma 60-600 yesterday. AF is too slow for it to be considered a contender except for very patient subjects. It is sharp though and I'd buy a native version if Sigma would make it. My own adaptor will be here next week and I will be spending some time in the store testing longer lenses. However I already tried 3 or 4 and the focus was quite slow on all of them.


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