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Old Man and the Bay

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M8   35mm Summicron ASPH

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15 hours ago, stuny said:

Very nice.

Much appreciated, thank you...


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    • By grenuel
      Sucherlupe für M Leica. So gut wie neu. In Originalverpackung.
    • By peterm1_Leica
      I put my M8 aside for a few years as I was a little disappointed in it. Its  ISO limits and poor dynamic range plus the limits of an optical finder with an old fashioned rangefinder were becoming increasingly apparent to me. But lately I have been giving it another go and have been using it, getting good results and enjoying it. Especially its color rendition. I always shoot in uncompressed RAW by the way. 
      Looking back through my older images downloaded to my PC I noticed that many were not terribly sharp  - despite the supposed benefits of having a sensor without an AA filter. I am not talking about the apparent sharpness when viewed on the camera's LCD which of course is terrible for this purpose, I am speaking about the images saved on my PC explicitly. I initially put this down to focus errors (mine) and its one reason I became discouraged from using the camera. But then recently I started seriously post processing many of these images with Adobe Lightroom rather than just leaving them on the PC. The thing I noticed is how well the M8 images which started out a tiny bit soft - or in some cases quite soft, sharpened up nicely without artifacts. In fact in my view they sharpen up much better than those of any other cameras and lenses I regularly use (and I use cameras by Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus).  I should add that I am presently mainly using Lightroom for this and other processing. 
      It set me thinking. Is this what they mean by the sharpness benefit of not having an AA filter over the sensor? I had expected that without an AA filter the images would be sharp right out of the camera even though the DNG images presumably get no in camera sharpening. But not so in my experience. 
      Is this consistent with other people's experience of image  sharpness from an M8. Do you find the M8 images respond to sensitive and well executed sharpening better than other cameras which presumably have an AA filter. BTW I used to use the Nik Sharpening Efex filter but now generally just use Lightroom's filter. 
      This image started out a little soft out of camera but now looks quite acceptable for portrait purposes.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden! The Look That Says it All by Life in Shadows, on Flickr
    • By Bokatom
      Just bought a used M8 and it has Firmware 2.005 on it. I can see the latest is 2.024 but there have been minor problems with it. Is there a list of what features were added in each firmware?
      What version would everyone recommend I go to (if I need to change at all?)
    • By nwphil
      Not sure if I am the second or third owner, but the camera is well taken care and in good functioning shape.
      No coffee stain or visible scratches on the lcd. 
      RF mechanism is accurate, and has firmware updated to latest available version.

      1 used black Leica concave soft shutter button
      2 used oem Leica batteries (holding full charge)
      1 used oem leica charger
      2 used non-oem batteries
      1 used non-oem charger
      1 used unbranded L bracket with grip
      1 used black thumb up for M8/M9 (not yet in pic)

      PayPal included - $1300.00

      Buyer pays for shipping and insurance
      If you want sample shots or need more item pictures, please pm me - I can either send to your email or a google drive link via pm
      Shutter reads now 19,675 - might end with a few more soon.

      Been debating about trading or selling for quite some time. Truth is, I don't use it enough and it's a shame, as either color, b&W or IR( look-a-like with filter) frames are just gorgeous - I even like the shutter sound, go figure.

      Will ship to anywhere, but buyer is responsible for additional cost and due diligence.
      with customs as needed (and beware of battery restrictions please)
      I will pack the item very carefully with plenty of bubble wrap, so all will be very secure and protected - expect a slight larger box, 
      As much as possible, I will ship within 48 hours or faster, upon receiving payment. Unless there is bigger issues, like roads closed, etc.

      Feel free to ask any questions.Will consider reasonable offers
      I have feedack on EBay and Fred Miranda  'Bacalhau'
      Thanks for looking
      PS:lens and hand strap shown are just for showcase purposes - not included
      note: answering question about raw format and key pad sequence - please follow link
      Camera still available, bue to backout

    • By spotr
      If you’re reading this ad, you’re no doubt familiar with Leica’s digital M cameras, including the M8.2, and understand why it's still sought after.
      This is an original M8.2 black paint version, not an upgrade, in excellent overall condition.  Cosmetically, there is some minor brassing, with 2 tiny spots on the top plate edges, and around the edges of the bottom baseplate and power switch knurling, which is typical of the black paint Leica’s and just enough to add a bit of character and charm.
      The camera is fully functional, with a rear sapphire crystal LCD screen that remains clear and unscratched.  The exposure count is approximately 32k.
      - Leica M8.2 black paint body
      - Leica original boxes with documentation and front cap
      - Leica original strap
      - Leica original charger & battery
      I am also including an extra Leica battery (replacement cost new $230)
      plus a Match Technical Thumbs Up grip (replacement cost new $200)
      plus a red soft shutter release button (replacement cost new $35)
      I’ve had this M8.2 since 2011 and have used it for my personal projects, for which it has been and continues to be an awesome image maker.  I am in the process of consolidating my gear and move to an SL, and hence the sale.
      I will ship within Canada or USA.   Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
      Thanks for looking!
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