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Post your entries here... (28.04.-10.05.!)

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I don’t have any macro attachments for my screw Leicas, but I do have a 50mm f2 Nikkor HC screw lens that focuses down to 18 inches, so this was taken with it at an architectural salvage auction, Leica 11f,  75th at f8 on FP4 in Rodinal, scanned from an A4 darkroom print.

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Briefmarken USSR / stamps USSR

Leica IIIa, BELUN, 1:1 Tube, Elmar 3,5/5cm, APDOO, AGFA APX 400, 510Pyro - daylight (light tent / Lichtzelt) 




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Schreibmaschine Stoewer, Schaltrad für den Vorschub (Detail of an old typewriter)


Leica III, Iflex, Balgen I, Kopf vom Hektor 135, 2 Lampen, FP4 in R09



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I had already given up hope, but I got my film developed on the last day:



Leica IIIf with 1:4/9cm Elmar and OMIFO, Velvia 100, Nikon Coolscan 5000

(here is an illustration of the IIIf with 90mm Elmar and Omifo: 


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