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M5 rangefinder adjustment screw possibly stuck (infinity/horizontal plane)

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Hello everybody,

this is my first post and I would like to extend a friendly hello to all of you and also to thank you for your time! 

This thread is not about finding the right screws for adjusting the rangefinder, but rather about one of them not wanting to move. 

The infinity adjustment (horizontal plane) seems to be a tiny bit out of alignment with my M5, and although it probably will not have a significant effect, it still nags me. One factor might be that the brass barrel of the lens I commonly use appears to be quite worn, so that when "freshly" attaching the lens, everything seems to be in order but never goes back to true inifity after the lens is focused to a closer distance and back to infinity, if this makes sense. 

Anyway, the screw inside the roller at the end of the rangefinder arm inside the lens mount does not move. I have tried several straight and angled screwdrivers, even filed one down for better fit, but still: it won't budge. I am afraid of stripping the head of the screw/damaging the arm and wonder:

can or should the eccentric screw at the end of the rangefinder arm be lubricated in any way? Or will this result in unwanted movement/reoccuring maladjustment of the screw? 

When looking straight at the rangefinder arm from the front, there seems to be a small opening in the arm through which I can see the screw, which is why I'm wondering if it's meant to be used for lubrication purposes. What confuses me most though, is that my camera technician has adjusted the rangefinder several times already, and will most probably also have used this screw (although there seem to be other ways after taking the top plate off). Maybe I should ask him if he applied any kind of bonding agent to keep it in place. Although I'd wonder where he should have put it, since it inevitably would come into contact with the roller, inhibiting it from moving freely. 


If all of this is too confusing, I can add some pictures later for clarification. 


Thank all of you for your time and have a nice day!  


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Posted (edited)

Welcome Labradieter,

Some photos may help to understand which screw you refer to.


Even if I think that this kind of adjusting precisely needs some precise knowledge and even more, "how to do that with the right tools".

Some days ago, we talked about the "offset from 12h" of M5 roller that can have some trouble with some lenses family.

Which is your lens in use ?

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Dear a.noctilux,

thank you for taking the time to answer! 

Disclaimers first: I have stopped fiddling with the rangefinder for now, since I don't want to endanger my (as of now) recently calibrated close and mid-ranges, even though the infinity adjustment seems to be out the slightest of bits. 

The lens is a Summicron 50mm f2 version 3, as seen in the M5's brochure and presumably one of the "kit lenses" of the time. I bought them together from the first owner and their years of manufacture are close to each other, so I assume they have spent their whole working life together. 

Although I will add some pictures, the one you attached is very helpful already. The adjustment srew I was referring to can be found when looking at the bottom of the silver roller, sticking out the top end of the lens mount (whereas, as far as I know, horizontal plane / "up-down" alignment of the rangefinder can be adjusted through the hole behind the screw on the front, just below the number "5"). 

But as mentioned, since I have come to the understanding that overzealous infinity adjustments can knock closer distance focussing out of alignment, I have stopped my experimenting for now. Upon my next visit, I might try and get some opinion on on-the-road self-servicing of minor rangefinder misalignments and which tools to use from the camera technician I usually frequent (which I will of course share, if anything comes of it). 

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Wise decision.


If the mid range and close range is fine with the Summicron 50mm III (yes it's first class Cron, my first Cron also ☺️), I'd not bother with a small

"offset" for far range (in my use, far more than 10 meter = middle aperture or close down ), as near use it can be f/2 or 2.8 mainly.

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