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Lightroom: how to select a newly created camera profile?

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I started digital IR photography (up now I only used film for this) with a converted sensor, using Fujifilm X-E3 with M-lenses. It works fine. But for a nice blue colored sky, I need to change the white balance below 2000K. Therefore I need to change the camera profile. This is an easy task using Adobes DNG profle editor. But when I want to choose the newly created camera profile instead, I can't select it with Lightroom. Just Adobe standard or some CAMERA selections (different film options) are possible.

Any hints who to do this. Do I need another DNG-converter?

PS: I use lightroom 6 (and photoshop 5, which  does not support X-E3)

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Thanks a lot, but with lightroom 6 it doesn't work the way, that I can choose between the IR version of the camera profile and the normal version of the X-E3. But thanks for the interesting website.

Meanwhile I was lucky and 'solved' the problem:

I renamed the IR version (same name as the original X-E3 DCP standard file, and renamed the original file before).

You find the DCP files in Windows 7 (I'm old fashioned, I know): \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Resources\CameraProfiles\Adobe Standard

And this works great, Lightroom does take the edited IR camera profile instead. When I import with my normal X-E3 I just have to rename the files again.


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after applying the profile and with no other adjustments applied save it as a preset..and then you can apply it to all images while importing from the disk in the library

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