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    • By StephenH
      A few years ago, I bought a used (obviously) M3 from B&H in nyc.  Armed with a little bit (ie dangerous) amount of knowledge, i knew enough to check the alignment and accuracy of the rangefinder--it was and is perfect--and the general look and feel of the camera, which was clean and smooth operating.  It is a single stroke model with a high (above 1m) S/N.   I treated myself to a brand new Zeiss 50mm f 2.0 Planar and ran a couple of rolls through it to check the shutter accuracy and focusing.  I was satisfied that the camera was up to snuff and I still have and enjoy the camera.  But I don't think it is what it appears to be.  While it has a single stroke mechanism with the telltale longer advance lever, it has the "buddha ear" strap lugs, the older style film reminder and the decimal shutter speed dial--(1/10th, 1/100th).  However, the rangefinder patch has the depth of field "notches" which I understand came later.  And what may be a clue--the bottom plate appears to be new but seems to be OEM.  Has anyone encountered a camera with this combination of features?  I am guessing that this was the work of a skilled repairman who cobbled the camera together from spare parts, complete with a salvaged top plate with a high s/n and bottom plate.  Fortunately for me, the camera works beautifully and I am happy with the results.  Thoughts?

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    • By xanimo
      First to clarify and broaden the breadth of this inquiry, I am generally wondering what, if any significance smaller production batches have or reasoning behind such occurrences?  I.e. lack of resources or market demand, gifts for individuals/entities revered by Leica management, contracts at the request of certain 'connected' individuals, etc.?  Second to narrow the scope, my particular question is in regards to a production run of 50 spanning 193451-193500 for the Model IIIa, one of which I inherited from my grandfather several years ago in addition to 10/30/1957 IIIg GOOEL, 1/3700, and the most puzzling quagmire of them all and obviously not applicable, a 'model defying' Canon M39 screwmount from 1949-52(?) that I haven't been able to identify. 
      To provide some more context, I have recently found myself in a place where I am 'reconnecting' with my grandfather, roots, knowledge of self, et al. which leads me to this forum where I am hoping to learn more about where he might've purchased them, where they originated from, etc.  I have just heard back from a Leica Technical Advisor from the New Jersey branch who advised me to submit an inquiry to Leica headquarters, in addition to try this forum(!), which I did and am now awaiting response, but if any of you happen to know more specifics I'd be very grateful!  Or if you have any insights into the question generally please feel free to post!  Regardless, if you've read this I thank you for your time!  Also I've attached a more complete album below as oppose to upload only a few:
    • By frame-it
      is this manual actually from 1959 ?
    • By Knut
      Schönes Summilux der ersten Baureihe.
      Who doesn't like the goggles too much should be aware that this M3-version
      has close focus ability down to 0.65m, whilst the even more expensive M2-version
      only goes to 1m...
      Condition see pics, nice aperture click stops, smooth focussing, body without scuff marks.
      There is some dust inside as expected, but no scratches, cleaning marks, no haze, no mold, no oil on blades.
      The goggles have some faint marks on the outer glass, but are clear to look through.
      I am in Spain, and every four weeks in Germany. 
      Insured shipping at cost.
      EU sales preferred!
      Spreche auch Deutsch. También hablo Español.
      Good light!!!
    • By Biplano
      Leica M3 Sumicron 5cm APX400 in Rodinal

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