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    • By eyespeak
      Hallo Leute,
      nachdem ich mir manchmal denke, das man nur einmal lebt, muss jetzt eine M240er her. Aus meiner Sicht gerade preislich ein guter Einstieg in das M System. Gesagt getan. Meine Traumlinse, das Leica Summilux-M 24mm 1.4 ASPH ist mir aber einfach zu teuer - und zu schwer.
      Ich wusste, wenn es mal eine M wird, dann ist das Voigtländer Classic Collection Nokton 35mm 1.4 auf jeden Fall meine engere Wahl.
      Meine Frage: Auf was sollte man achten? Es gibt auch SC und MC, und warum gibt es diese kaum gebraucht, oder bin ich blind?
      Danke schon mal.
      Euch allen schon mal eine gute Zeit. Möge das Jahr 2021 besser werden als dieses!
    • By BogotaHorribLe
      M8 Monochrom, Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 @ 1/125 at f5.7 ISO 400 at the Dunkin on the corner of 97th and Madison in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

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    • By Dennis
      Hi all!

      I'm planning to get a new 21mm next month. My ideal FL would be a 24mm, but there is not an option with my $1k budget. So I'm getting (happily) a further 21mm. Now, I know huge differences between the two, mostly for size, weight, and speed. I heard great things about the ZM 25, but I don't want to get another Zeiss for now, except for the incredible IQ and performance, I don't like very much Zeiss lenses.
      I love the idea of a small and light $700 21mm lens, like a pancake. With wide angles (21-24-28), I really like to shoot at f/5.6-8, I never had a fast wide lens, so I never use it less than 2.8 with these FL. 
      But I also like the fact that 1.4 gives about 3 extra stops. What for? Environment portraits with shallow DOP, milky way, indoor low light, etc. It's certainly an advantage, but it comes with enormous size and weight. It's not a lens that you carry all day long, so I'm not afraid about weight and size. I can live with that. I would get of course an external VF. And, by the way, I really love the Nokton lens hood shape 🙂 Beautiful.

      My question for you guys, if you can share your feedback, it's how both lenses perform in the f/4-f/8 range. This is what I would love to know. The price difference is not so big, so I'could🤷‍♂️ get the Nokton. But if at these apertures performs a little bit worst than Color-Skopar, I don't care to lose three stops, if I have better quality. I like the modern look and sharp images.
      A minimal background: I own an M10 + 2.8/35 ZM and a 50mm Cron V. I don't have a budget now to get another Leica, so I would love to try out a Voigtlander; it would be my first.
      Thank you in advance for your opinions.
    • By Ertos
      Here is my review of the Voigtlander 21mm f1.4 - in short: I really like it! 

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