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Leica Monovid 8x20 as Tele Conversion Lens for Elmar 2.8-50

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Leica Monovid 8x20 as Tele Conversion Lens for Elmar 2.8-50.
How to fix the monovid in front of the Elmar-M.2.8-50mm?
If I hold it with the eyepiece inserted in front of the UV / IR filter of Elmar-M, then some telephoto shots succeeded, which might be even sharper if the photos were not taken by hand.
And in the case of this three photos, they were taken on a moving ship.
What is possible on a large scale with Televid and attached Leica camera should also be possible on a small scale with the Monovid in front of matching M lenses.
In this case, the scored focal length should be 50mm x 1.33 Crop Factor of M8 x 8x magnification of the televid = 532mm.
Is there a lens hood that could safely hold the televid?
Or a clamping ring with thread E39, in which one could fix the Televid?

1. Televid 8x20mm in front of Elmar 2,8-50mm on Leica M8.2

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6. Same scenery taken by Elmar 2,8-50mm on Leica M8.2

As a backpacker - especially in the Alps - I like to take only a little luggage.
Since it would be very helpful to use the Televid as an additional telephoto conversion lens.

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Most innovative. I would assume tha you could find a filter-thread - M42 reversal ring plus some M42 extension rings quite cheaply at a camera fair. A little padding  ought to steady the monocular and the combo would both be steadier and less exposed to stray-light. Slight centering problem, but still bette than hand-holding.


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Am 5.4.2019 um 20:41 schrieb ph.:


Thank you, then I'll look after appropriate adapter rings for M42 at the next secondhand photo exhibitions.
Incidentally, I'm sorry to have written a few times "Televid", where "Monovid" should have been.

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