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Not a leica question... but some widelux questions.

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Hey guys. Dont get mad, i know this is the Leuica forum but i hoped maybe some of you had some answers for me.

Apologies if this is major faux pas.


Bought a widelux F8 recently that’s a bit of a beater. Wanted to know if:

1) anyone know if it’s possible to buy new rubber/leatherette for it to replace the old stuff? Anyone make anything like that?

2) is it possible to repaint this specific camera? Does anyone do this on a widelux and if so, any reviews?

3) if a repaint is not possible or practical, is it possible and practical to do small touch ups to the paintwork? It’s not “regular” single colour stuff. I don’t think it’s actually normal “paint” but I’m not sure... Just want to spruce up the girl a little. I mean she’s real pretty but could do with some new shoes and a haircut lol

4)Apparently film in the widelux has a rare tendency to slip after it’s been loaded. Actually rear this a couple times once on an FB group and again on another forum. Anyone know about this or experienced this? If so, is there a solution or more (lol) correct way to load it to stop slipping?


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Posted (edited)

Advance the film with a continuous turn. Minimize ratcheting the winder. Check take-up with mild finger resistance on supply spool tension.

Regarding surface restoration - best of luck. Its finish is fragile to begin with.  (Has the bubble level fallen off yet?)

BTW, Jeff Bridges did some interesting work with one.

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Yeah, i figured it would be unlikely, maybe ill make my own leatherette replacement. Could do the touch ups with a tiny brush and some shiny black enamel paint too i guess.  😜 bubble still there and hasn't fallen off in the past apparently ...

The continuous turning rather that the ratcheting makes sense.

Thank you Pico :) 

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