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LEICA C-Lux charging question

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Hi there - apologies, I'm not sure whether I'm at the correct forum.

I just received my new Leica and I have a urgent question: Can the USB charger-cable be plugged into a normal power strip/extension cord. The manual was very specific - plug directly into a USB port on a computer OR plug the charger into the wall. I did not receive a charger, only the usb-cable. I have a new MacBook that do not have a normal USB port - only USB-C ports. The manual also say not to use a USB extension, but I will have to if I have to use the MacBook to charge my Leica C-Lux. I’m busy charging the camera with a normal USB-hub that I also use to charge my iPhone. Please let me know if ok?

I hope the this is not a problem. I spend a lot of time outdoors and cannot always use a laptop for charging.

I don't want to void the warranty or wreck the battery on this expensive camera. Thank you in advance for your swift reply!

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