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M-D & M10-D ISO

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I love my M-D and the ISO control on the back.  There are the usual numbers - 200, 400, 800, 1600, etc., and there are two stop points between each one so, in theory, one can graduate between the known values.  I like this control.

I see the M10-D uses the ‘rewind’ ISO control.  Does that too have 2 stops between each labelled value? Or is there a lower level of control on the M10-D?

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    • By Mr.Prime
      I realized, after using an M3 since Christmas (my foray into the Leica world) that I would also like a digital version. Yesterday I lost an M-D on ebay, it went for US$4,100 and I had bid $4,000. Looking around there just aren’t any available for good prices. I was thinking about the possibility of getting an M 240 / 262 and converting it to an M-D myself by removing the screen and buttons and replacing the leather covering. Given falling prices on the M10 and stupid prices on the M10D that might be a better starting point but there likely isn’t much of a difference in the work required. No doubt there’s a bit more work involved than I’ve alluded to but I’m a fairly handy kind of guy (I design and build my own hi-fi electronics and speakers for example) and thought perhaps somebody else in a similar predicament to myself may have done something similar ???
    • By tomconte
      I have a new M10-D and its printed wireless password sticker is WRONG.
      It's listed as 25503308, but that doesn't work either via the Fotos app or trying to directly connect to it.
      I've tried a password cracker, buy it takes 30 seconds to a minute for each attempt.
      With 100,000,000 combinations, that's not going to cut it.
      Sent email to Leica, but they just said the usual "reboot your phone" "remove and replace the battery," etc, that I know will not help.
      Lest you think I'm a noob to networking, I'm a CS professor.
      Does anyone have any ideas how to help?
      Is there a way to get the camera to write out its password to the SD card?
      At wits end...
    • By rv12
      I recently bought the M10-D and I have a couple of questions if someone care to help me out.
      1.- Metering, in the M10-D the only way to know if your photo is well compensated is through a little dot inside the Range Finder. I saw a lot of my photos going over exposed or underexposed where I wanted, I tried Spot metering but I had the same issue since I don't know where my "compensations in the spot" is coming from since I don't have a display. So my questions is what is the best method?
      2.- I know focus assistant is enable by default in the M10-D but what does it do?
      3.- What is the max ISO recommendation you will go in M10 Sensor?
      Any recommendations appreciate it :)
    • By fenykepesz
      i desperately want to buy a Leica M10-D as i have several Summilux lenses waiting for a body, for years already, but i simply couldn't afford the price of USD 8K.  now, i recently noticed the M10-D at Amazon.com sold for 6.4K.  is that price real ?  is the camera truly sold by Amazon i trust, and not by some shabby NY company selling the product for a similar price ?  is there any disadvantage going with Amazon ?  thanks in advance for any feedback.  bye, pisti
    • By DaveSee
      As attached, an M10-D is now family, with Leica, Zeiss & Cosina/Vöightlander primes.  The M10-D is less in focus in the pic as it's so new to me
      I've read through several threads, including the FAQ's (!, ?), yet no set space on the site for: 1) one/differentiated FAQ, across all variants M10; & no "New to M10" thread.  Just an observation, not critique!  Okay, that all may present, as developed.
      First, thanks to Jono, Jaap, Scott & all of you for your perspective(s) & insights with this, yet new model... & some are already opining on an M11... That's investment, engaging, with thanks.... but I digress... as you can see, I'm moving in a 4,6,8,10 M-progression
      Despite its foibles, and "klunk,whirr,hiss" of a shutter (avoiding the anti-alias filter, um, "quality"), my M8 permitted me to adjust White Balance (WB) in degrees Kelvin such that I could set presets, & then further tweak/adjust in the menu: not so I've found in the FOTOS app.  Not an issue with film: films are fixed in this regard, as we all know.
      The pic of my late father, zone focus, M8, Leica 24/2,8 ASPH, 3200 K WB... an SLR shooter, one may see the surprise/repose in is expression: "What?"  As a parent, I often have that same expression
      Thanks for any insights on WB outside FOTOS presets.
      in multi-envisioned,

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