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Leica Artisan & Artist camera bag

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    • By lykaman
      Near Snelling Ca                             V-Lux40

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    • By sketchyhead
      Back in the heady nineties, I purchased my Billingham 335. This bag had been my Leica -carrying companion for years and has rarely been away from my side. But now it was worn out and in desperate need of a replacement. The canvas webbing straps were thin edged and unravelling, the base was threadbare and the canvas shoulders had rubbed paper thin. My do-it-yourself tape repairs had done little to improve the structure of the bag and its days were seriously limited.

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      The problem was, I was unable to throw the bag away. The phrase ‘sentimental value’ didn’t even come close to describing my attachment to this Billingham. It had been everywhere with me, keeping my Leica equipment safe and readily to hand along the way. This well-used and shabby camera bag had drawn little attention to itself in recent years and consequently, there were few clues as to the value of the Leica gear within - a useful if unintended benefit.

      When the day arrived for a decision, I had three options:  I could buy a brand new bag; perhaps send this old one back to Billingham for what I estimated would be a top-quality, though possibly ’too new-looking’ repair; or I could search for someone capable of carrying out a good quality renovation.

      I found my contact Tim via a lengthy, but eventually rewarding Google search, he was the leather and canvas craftsman who rose to the challenge.

      Tim runs a specialist leather repair company and has in my view carried out a terrific job on my bag. Retaining all of the Billingham original features, he has meticulously stitched-in added character, teaming carefully matched reclaimed leather to the original, then sewing-in brand new military grade canvas webbing straps.

      I had been told that Tim learned his trade in the British army repairing Bergens, rucksacks and other military kit. I certainly recognised that kind of quality in the materials, with the new brass poppers and buckles and eyelets all stitched back into their original positions on the strap. The threadbare shoulders of the bag had been trimmed with the same well-fitting chestnut leather, a pleasingly tactile addition.

      All in all, I’m delighted with the final result; a repair that has worked successfully and has given this old Billingham a renewed life, with an added pleasantly worn-in patina.

      A little bit like the bag’s owner.  

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      Does anyone else have story on good value craftsmanship or camera bag preferences?
    • By SpoonFork
      I am looking for a camera bag that should cost around $60-100 and it should fit a M8 with a 50mm Summicron.

      I want it to look like something normal and doesn't scream "I AM A CAMERA BAG! LOOK AT ME!"  and should fit a M8 with a water bottle and some batteries.

      I originally wanted a billingham hadley digital but didn't think it was worth the price (and another kidney) so yeah, hope you guys can help!
    • By Harryup
      I would like to buy a new camera bag for 1 maybe 2 M-bodies 2-3 lenses and a 15" PowerBook. What would be your choice? A leather bag like Ona Brixton would be nice except it is for 13" Powerbooks.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By johann1
      Für den Sommerurlaub bin ich auf der Suche nach einer Schultertasche für die S2 mit insgesamt 4 Objektiven. Bisher hab ich eine Billinghamtasche benutzt. Nachteil: die Inneneinteilung ist nicht variabel genug, daher habe ich sie herausgenommen und die Objektive in den Beuteln belassen. Der Zugriff auf die Ausrüstung ist durch den Reissverschluss von oben nicht gerade bequem.
      Hat da jemand eine bessere Lösung?
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