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Q vs. Q2 Image Quality

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I have been a very happy Q user for about 2 years and am considering trading into the Q2.  Now, an obvious question I have is how the image quality compares. Now please everyone, don’t jump down my throat and tell me to do my own research. I have read a bunch of reviews and briefly looked at this forum but not found what I want to know.

Specifically: could some people who have both cameras now post shots comparing them (or point me to links)? Also enlarged central shots and edge shots (I have read concerns about soft edges on the Q2?) Call me a pixel peeper if you must but, yes, I do want to see how the resolution and IQ of the two compare at high enlargement.

Another issue is the low light IQ. Could someone post (or point me to) high ISO comparisons of the two. Frankly, I found that above 6500 ISO the Q was unacceptable to me. Is the Q2 better and usable at 12K or 25K?

I am well aware of other improvements of the Q2, but for this post I am interested in feedback about image quality comparisons of the two. In all my searching, all I could find was one article which had a central enlargement of a scene taken withe the two cameras. But only at one aperture and one ISO. Surely there must be more data out there, or some kind soul could do the experiment?

Thanks in advance!

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