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Lens Profile Going Crazy

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I set up a 40mm Makro Kilar on my CL via a Canon FD to Leica screw mount and a Screw Mt to M mt adaptor, M to L Leica adaptor. My first tests with great, I used a Leica screw mt to M adaptor from on of my Nikon 85mm f 2 screw mount lens, it was a 90 adaptor so triggered the 90mm frame on an M. So I bought a FotoDiox 39mm screw mt to M adaptor to use with the 40mm. This seems to drive the lens profile setting crazy, keeps shifting and won't turn off, won't let me set a lens to turn it off. Fought with this on a little trip I took yesterday, really wanted the macro.

So have tried 

1) cleaning contacts, both on the camera and M adaptor with a microfiber cloth, no effect.

2) what seems to have worked is the Canon FD to screw Mt adaptor is chrome, so used a sharpie to paint the exposed area opened with the screw to M adaptor black. On my older screw to M adaptor this area is covered. 

Thought this might be of interest to folks adapting old lenses.


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