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S1R & S1 + Leica Lens Image Thread

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2 hours ago, tom0511 said:

would be interesting to find out why some people report no detection an d others report detection. Is it a setting? or good luck? or some adapters work and others not?

I thought it recognised the FL initially but now it doesn't. Elsewhere was posted similar observations, where changing the lens on the adapter with the camera switched on resulted in it being recognised, but changed any other way doesn't.

Also, I initially noted the camera defaulted to 1/f as a shutter speed in A mode ..... but now picks some other figure which is much higher. I've not done any methodical testing but it all looks like there are some gremlins in the firmware ..... The adapter itself is just a light detector that converts the lens data to a digital output so the whole business is not rocket science. It works with ancient ROM R lenses on the R-L adapter with no real problem.

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