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Upgrading from Q1 to Q2? {merged}

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On 3/11/2019 at 10:40 AM, nicci78 said:

"Q2 is very close to a perfect no brainer upgrade, but it removes these from the Q :

  • no more video button. Why ? it so useful. If you do not need it, just deactivate it. 
  • no more touch and release AF. Why ? it is very practical in some situations. 
  • no more cheap and easy to find batteries.
  • no more easily accessible right dial. Q2 moves it a little bit more far right. Just to make room for new official Q2 thumb rest. This annoyed me, I have to shift my thumb to reach its new awkward position. By the way, with the new thumb rest, this dial is no more accessible at all. You have to really raise and shift your thumb far away to pass the thumb rest. Very weird. 
  • Q2 lens barrel is somewhat uglier, with larger macro ring and fatter aperture ring. They will be more accessible though."

I had a QP delivered 10 days ago at the discounted price, just before the Q2 was announced. Unfortunately I had problems with the camera freezing up intermittently, requiring removal of the battery and its re-insertion. I returned it and put my name on the waiting list for the Q2. However having read quotes such as above, and other comments elsewhere, I have cancelled the Q2 order and asked for a replacement Q P. I would add to the above points: (1) large file sizes requiring the four times more expensive SD cards, unless you are happy to have slow transfer speeds and take relatively few numbers of pictures, (2) The loss of a USB connection port. (3) My already purchased Thumbs Up grip and LIM half case which will not fit the Q2, I believe.

£550 cheaper,  two batteries and no big red Leica spot on the front asking to have the camera torn from your hand or neck (alright, you could cover it over with gaffer tape but I want to minimise the use of that to covering the microphone and speaker holes).

Perhaps I should have waited longer to order it for prices to fall, but hey ho.......




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Many people forget that 24MP provides an awful lot of resolution, enough to make excellent prints at 30x40 inches. For me, that is quite sufficient, and larger files would be more cumbersome and add little to the quality of my prints, which rarely go larger than 13x19. The Q is a pleasure use, and though the Q2 may have improvements, they are nothing that I can't live without. The only real weakness of the Q, IMO, is the noise levels at ISOs of 6400 and above. Fortunately, DxO has given us Prime noise reduction, which can work miracles and make super noisy files look remarkably good, so I tend not to worry about the Q's noise.

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