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Why I will, or won't, be tempted to move from the CL to the Q2

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It is hard to not want the latest and greatest (at least in terms of Leica pixel size), but I fully agree with the comments regarding the pixel size required for great prints.  I have a number of large (3 ft by 2ft) prints from my DMR that look just GREAT.  Yes, the Q2 provides the crop capability, but I tend to love my Q (1) in the 28mm mode.  I love that I can hand it to anyone and they can take a photo (as opposed to handing them my M10, etc.).  So what am I saying?  I love my CL and my Q (1).  If I did not have a Q1, I could see getting a Q2, but having a Q1, I do not see the need to get a Q2.  In any case, the Q (1 or 2) is not a 'system'.  Q's are nice, but a system has far more potential (IMHO).

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19 hours ago, TheEyesHaveIt said:

13cm? The Q2 macro mode focuses at 17. Otherwise the Q2 is also at 30.

Yes, but macro on an 28 mm lens is rather limited, due to the bad perspective and small object-camera distance.

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Q2 Crop mode is nice, but in practice 50mm crop is not so usable, due to small framelines size. And 75mm is gimmicky due to tiny tiny lines. 

You really have no idea, about the focus area. Such as with an M which giant rangefinder patch cover a good part of the 90mm frame. 


From my short test, all 75mm crop shots were bad : misfocused. 


With my Q, I used frequently 35mm crop, but rarely 50 one, except for video. Because it was so much nicer to get a full 50mm view with my CL + TL 1,4/35


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The CL is more flexible for sure. However the user interface of the Q2 with its analog feel and f-stop wheel feels like a digital M for me. And with the higher resolution its also fine to crop digitally to 35 or even 50. So being a 35mm guy I see it as a 30MP -35mm camera which can also do 28mm ocasionally.

The CL...I find it almost a little small of a body, so I use the handgrip, then its fine. I really like the 11-23mm lens a lot. The Telezoom is very good but I do miss IS.

The 18-56 I find a bit boring even though its flexible and compact. With the 23mm the CL is a nice compact combo.

The Q/Q2 feels a little more "grown up" in the hand. 

Overall I think they are really different things. One is a relativly small and light system with a full range of lenses. The other is a fine - one lens - camera with a very analog feeling user interface and the ability to digitally crop to a certain extent due to its high resolution sensor. While I think the IQ of the CL is great, I do believe to see some more depth and room for post processing in the FF files.


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Played with both at the Leica store today. Q2 is lighter than the CL + 16-56 (but heavier than CL + 23). EVFs are very nice on both. I found Q2 easier to hold in the hand - the CL is rather small (though that is the point). Love the lens on the Q2 - having the aperture ring, manual focus tab, and macro ability. All adds to the photography experience IMO. If you want total focal length flexibility, only one answer of the two. I'm picking the Q2 after demoing - beautiful travel companion.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I have the CL with a couple of AF lenses and love the camera. I will be keeping it. It’s so perfect for my M lenses and I love the TL Summicron. 

I was not interested in the Q at all because of the the 28mm focal length. Now, after seeing samples of 35mm and 50mm crop, I am intrigued, the crops have enough of resolution for my output. The Q2 has the central shutter in its lens and it will allow effortless work with strobes outside and balancing the ambient light with flash. No need to wait for a HSS solution for Leica. 

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I have always wanted a Leica so saved up to get one, once I had the cash it was a choice between the CL and the Q, I chose the latter because I didn’t want to be tempted to start saving again for additional lenses. I have never found the fixed lens a problem and use my legs to zoom if need be. Sorry it’s not a more technical discussion on CL or Q!

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One can crop any photo on the CL 24mpx  🙂  , on Q , CL , M , Sony A7RIII  a crop is a crop

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