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    • By 6bit
      And I’ll be danged if they are hard to find in stock. 

      I’m not thrilled about a 28mm focal length but I am thrilled the wife will not have to be told to focus when she takes a photo (my M10S cause wife thumbs down points).
      Looking forward to having AF when out with the family.
    • By Ciamprob
      Leica Q2
    • By Ken Chuang
      I am wondering if everyone is using the Leica Q2 with lens hood or without? What are the yes and no?
    • By Moyses Szklo
    • By Nikhiljain
      I bought this Camera on December 10, 2019 from the Leica store in San Francisco. Since then I have decided to trade up to a Medium format camera. I am selling this along with a Leica UV filter and the case. In addition I have also applied the Leica protective film on the LCD in the back. There is no wear and tear it is brand new. I have all of the original receipt and all of the accessories that come new. I am located in San Diego in California. You can call me in necessary my cell is +1-619-890-7512. 
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