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Leica Cl fitted with SF 40 Flash

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I have a problem to get the SF 40 flash working on the CL camera. 
All the settings are as per the manual and the flash setting is on TTL but the flash icon on the display is crossed out meaning the flash will not fire although the camera flash setting is on. I have tried it on manual and auto but it still does not work. The flash tests good when I press the test fire, I have also changed the batteries but have had no success. 
I was hoping to get information from someone who may have experienced the same problem as I have. 

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Aside from the Metz retrofitted Leica SF26 and sf40 flash units--does any one recommend a Gadox 350tt-O for the Leica. I have been hearing reports that the hot shoe connections are altered and one can not use other brand flashes. Before I invest, I thought I would toss this out to the group and see who is using what flash.

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Ciao! If you have set the camera items to "automatic flash" it will not work, when the natural light is enough. If you want to use the flash for lighting, for example against the sun, you will have to use "permanent flash", by setting on the camera.


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The flash did not trigger at all even though it was set on "permanent flash". However I kept on working and eventually got it going when I changed the camera setting from PASM modes to Scene mode and selecting portrait mode. It worked! But still not on Program, Aperture, Shutter and Manual modes. I had another play and changed the shutter setting from Electronic to Mechanical and it worked in all the settings. It has been a frustration but I got it resolved. Thanks for your participation with this problem Mate!

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The flash options according to an email from Leica AG is that they do not include non specific camera information in the user guide. Thats why there is no mention of 'how to' re flash in detail.

To use 'Leica flash' SF 40 you have to change shutter settings in the SL2 camera to Mechanical. ( I know its crazy why we have to wade through 260 pages to determine as this info is not mentioned).

It will not work on any other setting. TTL is good but the SF40 is short on power. Leica considers that the SL2 is a Pro camera and as such a Pro would have pro lighting options. Leica also mentioned off camera is an option using SF 60 and SF C1 (note SF 40 cannot be used off camera). Hope this helps, oh and Leica also confirmed that Metz and all other flash makers will not work using TTL on SL2 and can damage the camera invalidating the warranty - well they would say that wouldn't they!!


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