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Steve Ricoh

I liked the reflection...

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On 18 March 2019 at 11:24 AM, alun said:

Brooding, simple, ominous. Much enjoyed.

Thanks Alun. I saw this whilst approaching in the car, just had to stop and capture, then process how it felt to me at the time.

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Hey Steve,

I suspect that the scene wasn't nearly as dark and moody as your photograph. A lot of photographers (myself included) would have probably missed the shot because it's difficult to envision how a camera will change things.

Your photo is really great and I'm curious about the details of what you saw or what you felt walking down that road. I ask because my attempts to capture reflections don't turn out nearly as well as yours.

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Hello Steve,

great mood on this one :) If I may, since you were going to have everything silhouetted anyway, my thinking would have been to try and not let such a large area of the sky go completely burnt in the highlights. That would have preserved your mood, while avoiding such a large white area of burnt highlights in the sky. Just a suggestion of course :)

Best regards,


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