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Erfahrung mit Online-Galerien?

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    • By caccialdo
      Hi guys!
      I've been trying to use my Q (firmware 3.1) with the FOTOS app on both my iPad and iPhone in "Join WLAN" mode but I've been hitting a wall so far. The setup work ok in "Create WLAN" mode with the app recognising the QR code fine but I was hoping I could get a stronger / more stable connection by going through the home router.
      Anyone managed to make it work?
      I should add that when trying to read the QR code while in "Join WLAN" mode with another QR code reader app this is the content I'm getting:
      DEVICE-NAME: Leica Q-5*****8 MODEL-NAME: LEICA Q (Typ 116) SSID: P****e Where "P****e" is my Wifi network name (obfuscated name). Could it be missing something?
      FYI, this is the content of the QR code when in "Create WLAN" mode:
      MDL: LCW-1 SSID: Leica Q-5*****8 PW: 1******8  
    • By thegman
      Hi,  just got the app for IOS. I have an iPhone  and Ipad, do I need to pay two subscriptions? I downloaded the app to my iPad but it is only the 7 day free trial version even though I pay for PRP version. thanks
    • By PBart
      Hello All,
      I've been trying to reach out to Leica about an issue I'm finding with the Leica FOTOS app for iPad but no responses. I'm able to connect my SL2 to my iPad Pro with the FOTOS app but getting a very soft image when viewing in the Remote mode. The library thumbnails look soft too.
      I do get nice clean images when I open up an image already captured.
      Maybe I'm missing something? I tried with both of my SL2s and no luck. It would be a nice app to use on some photoshoots. Only other issue is that it doesn't support 2 card slots so a backup not happening when using the app. 
    • By nkk
      Hello. I have all the three compact cameras mentioned above and recently, everytime I connect them to Leica FOTOS and go to remote control mode, the only exposure setting I can control is the ISO. The options for aperture and shutter speed is greyed out and I can only control it with the camera physically. Why is this happening? I tried to put the camera on all PASM modes and made sure snapshot mode was off but didn't work. I reset the cameras and formatted the SD cards one million times as well. I can change other settings like resolution, metering, file format, etc.. except exposure!
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