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I just bought a new D-Lux 7 and would like to know if the behavior I'm seeing is normal or if there is a problem with the camera. 

I normally work with the EVF switch active; i.e. LCD on with my eye away from the eyepiece, off when I'm looking through the EVF. But when I use the LCD screen to review pictures I've taken it (the LCD) will periodically turn black. I will have to, for example, half-click the shutter and then press the play button again to see a picture, it will display for a few seconds then the LCD will turn black. Setting the  EVF switch to keep the LCD permanently on will eliminate the problem, but then when I go back to shooting I have to adjust that setting again. Not the greatest workflow.

I've looked in the manual, nothing is said about having to change the EVF/LCD setting when reviewing, searching has turned up everything but a discussion of this particular issue. Have others experienced the same problem? The FW on my unit is 1.0 but I can't seem to find any updates on the Leica site. I'm also aware of the possibility that something I'm doing is "tripping" the LCD off so I have been careful to hold the camera away from my body and keep my fingers away from the eyepiece.

Thanks in advance for any info.




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I have found the sensor that switches to the evf to be particularly sensitive, if you get the strap or a finger too close to the viewfinder it will switch the screen off, perhaps this is the problem?

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It is of course possible, although I thought I took measures to insure that wasn't the cause. I just experimented again and wasn't able to reproduce the problem. For some reason I thought it might be connected with the SD card and the fact that I had just had it plugged in to my computer. 

I still have a couple of weeks to return the camera, so I will "keep my eyes open".

Thanks for posting.



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