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Stuart Richardson

S adapter L on L mount cameras other than the SL

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It also gives us the option to do some weirder stuff like this. I have a Sinar to Hasselblad adapter, which I put to my V to S adapter, which I stacked to my S to L adapter. Now I have a view camera setup that I can use with the S1 and its 100mp electronic shutter....could be useful for artwork reproduction and camera based film scanning if the stability and lens quality can handle it. The e shutter is a huge huge advantage for this kind of work as vibration is really difficult to control with large bellows, adapters, studio stands and so on. Rigidity is a challenge.

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On 5/10/2019 at 6:29 PM, Stuart Richardson said:

could be useful for artwork reproduction 


Very interesting and creative. Thank you.

Does it work with the strobes or the continuous lights are needed for the multi shot setup?



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Posted (edited)

Hi Yevgeny, 

I have not tried yet, but I assume with high resolution mode you will need continuous lighting. I have a fluorescent lightbox, so the worry is that the flickering might cause an issue...I will try it soon and let you know. Meanwhile, my general tests of high resolution mode seem to indicate that while useful, it is not as transformative as it might appear. Per pixel sharpness does not seem nearly as high as it does in single shot mode, even with the best lenses like the 120mm Macro and 180mm. I am not totally sure yet if it is stability, lens quality or just the process itself, but I do get the feeling that the S1 in high resolution mode is not going to stand up so well to the S3 in single shot, even if one says 100mp and the other 64mp.

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