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M10 and White Balance... other than "presets"?

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As attached, an M10-D is now family, with Leica, Zeiss & Cosina/Vöightlander primes.  The M10-D is less in focus in the pic as it's so new to me

I've read through several threads, including the FAQ's (!, ?), yet no set space on the site for: 1) one/differentiated FAQ, across all variants M10; & no "New to M10" thread.  Just an observation, not critique!  Okay, that all may present, as developed.

First, thanks to Jono, Jaap, Scott & all of you for your perspective(s) & insights with this, yet new model... & some are already opining on an M11... That's investment, engaging, with thanks.... but I digress... as you can see, I'm moving in a 4,6,8,10 M-progression ;)

Despite its foibles, and "klunk,whirr,hiss" of a shutter (avoiding the anti-alias filter, um, "quality"), my M8 permitted me to adjust White Balance (WB) in degrees Kelvin such that I could set presets, & then further tweak/adjust in the menu: not so I've found in the FOTOS app.  Not an issue with film: films are fixed in this regard, as we all know.

The pic of my late father, zone focus, M8, Leica 24/2,8 ASPH, 3200 K WB... an SLR shooter, one may see the surprise/repose in is expression: "What?"  As a parent, I often have that same expression ;)

Thanks for any insights on WB outside FOTOS presets.

in multi-envisioned,




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