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Q2 Autofocus

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I tried the Q2 at Leica Duke St on Wednesday, compared to my CL (with 11-23 TL lens). I saw no sign that it was slower - seemed similar to me.

The Q2 EVF is slightly better than the CL's. Not in apparent sharpness, size or clarity, but slightly more responsive to movement - tested by panning. There was no possibility to check its low light performance - I couldn't find a really dark space in the shop - it worked OK in the dim cubbyhole where they keep binoculars and used equipment.

I went to look at it out of curiosity, and wasn't tempted by having it in the hand. It's a fine unit, but I have no need for a single FL camera.

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I read somewhere  lthat the Q measured AF in good light at 0.2 sec. In equal light the Q2 measured 0.1 sec. I don’t remember exactly where I read that. I’ve pretty much read all I can about the Q2. I expect DP Review will publish the AF performance when they do their full review. I’ve used the Q for the past 3+ years and have no complaints about AF. I don’t use it for video. 

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