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Arca Swiss Mini L-Bracket on an M10

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Anyone have any experience with the Arca Swiss Mini L-Bracket?

Looking for a bracket so I can mount the camera in both horizontal and vertical positions to shoot panoramas and as I already have the Arca Swiss Monoball P0 ballhead with the smaller "monofix" rotating/panorama head it seems the logical choice. The RRS plate is nice but it uses the bigger, more "standard" Arca Swiss mount so if I got that I'd have to replace the pano head with a different one, which I could do if needed, but this just seems a better choice. Currently with my Sony, I use a Nodal Ninja which works fantastic but setting it up is a real PITA and takes a while and I think I'll use it exclusively with my Sony a7r or on occasions where I need really precise X/Y adjustments.

They don't advertise explicitly that this bracket works with the M10 (at least from what I've seen) but they do mention it working with the M9/M8 so it should be just fine, but if anyone can confirm from experience I'd appreciate it :) 

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2 hours ago, RF’sDelight said:

Yes, it works perfectly. You just have to fiddle a little with the lug on one side get the bracket close to the body.

Wonderful, thanks for the comments! I found a used one on eBay and placed the order. Looking forward to a simple, easy to use L plate for shooting panoramas and other tripod work!

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While I do not use the Arca Swiss brand mount, I have used Arca Swiss "compatible" Really Right Stuff plates on my M's.

With the M10--& M 240 onward--the mount is attached _in_ the camera body.  Not so with M's of past years, that have tripod mount in the base-plate.

Yes, this not whether an Arca Swiss mount attaches well to an M10, yet, as attached _in_ the body, through the base-plate, accessing battery or SD card now requires removal of the Arca Swiss/Really Right Stuff plates to access battery & SD Card. Ugh.  An unwelcome surprise in the M10 as I've kept my mount plates attached in previous M's, to use when needed. Unlike the M 240, the M10 variants do not need the  tripod mount in body.

A consideration when using tripod mounts with M10's.

in unison,


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