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I have recently bought two Leica M6 cameras with various problems, and are wondering which one to keep.


The best looking one is a Wetzlar M6 and has the following problems:

- The rangefinder patch flares significantly more than the other M6. This seems to be caused by haze on the inside of the rangefinder window. My leica CL has less flare than both.

- After the shutter trips, I am able to see a little bit of the seam on the left hand side of the shutter looking inside of the camera from behind. It is somewhat visible when looking straight on and compared to the other M6 it is a bit more visible in general. Might be a problem according to https://www.cameraquest.com/leicamchecklist.htm

-Winding the shutter also makes a rubbing sound which the other M6 does not.

- The other M6 also has smoother winding lever and more dampened shutter button than the Wetzlar M6.


The other M6 is a big logo version made in the Sloms factory

- The light meter on this one is sometimes off by more than 4 stops, even with a new battery. Other times it can be correct, but the arrows don't light up like the Wetzlar M6. I am never able to get the two arrows to light up evenly. One of the arrows is always stronger than the other. This means that the light meter goes from for example totally overexposed (only one arrow) -> a bit overexposed( one arrow brighter than the other) -> a bit underexposed (the other arrow brighter than the other) -> Totally underexposed (only one arrow). According to the manual I am missing the double arrows correct exposure light.

- The white circle on the wound shutter curtain is also a bit faded and not evenly white from right to left, compared to the Wetzlar M6.

- The shutter button on the big logo M6 is also a bit sticky after pressing or half pressing the shutter, making the light meter stay on indefinitely.

- The 2nd shutter curtain on the big logo M6 also starts to creep in a little bit before the Wetzlar M6 when using the 1 second shutter speed.


I hope you can help me decide. If both needs repair or CLA which will be the simplest and least expensive to repair?

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this.

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It sounds like M6 #1 would only need a CLA if you can live with the flare prone viewfinder. Youxin Ye charges $190 for a CLA. If you want to add the MP anti-flare kit it's another $160 according to his price sheet.

M6 #2 seems to have bigger and presumably costlier issues.

If it were me, I'd go with #1, but it would be prudent to contact Youxin Ye or DAG and ask. You never know, it could be an easy fix for them.

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I concur with plaidshirts. It is amazing what a proper cla can do for your camera. I seem to recall there was something a tech could do to tame the flare on the M6,

Best of luck.

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