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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Proximeter I II Schneider for Leitz LEICA IIIg

Close up addition for the IIIg is being sold at Ebay (for 180 Euro).

I have never seen this. /Jan

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Not totally uncommon and for other cameras available too. Not so convenient IMHO and pricy, I wouldn't pay that much.

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    • By xanimo
      First to clarify and broaden the breadth of this inquiry, I am generally wondering what, if any significance smaller production batches have or reasoning behind such occurrences?  I.e. lack of resources or market demand, gifts for individuals/entities revered by Leica management, contracts at the request of certain 'connected' individuals, etc.?  Second to narrow the scope, my particular question is in regards to a production run of 50 spanning 193451-193500 for the Model IIIa, one of which I inherited from my grandfather several years ago in addition to 10/30/1957 IIIg GOOEL, 1/3700, and the most puzzling quagmire of them all and obviously not applicable, a 'model defying' Canon M39 screwmount from 1949-52(?) that I haven't been able to identify. 
      To provide some more context, I have recently found myself in a place where I am 'reconnecting' with my grandfather, roots, knowledge of self, et al. which leads me to this forum where I am hoping to learn more about where he might've purchased them, where they originated from, etc.  I have just heard back from a Leica Technical Advisor from the New Jersey branch who advised me to submit an inquiry to Leica headquarters, in addition to try this forum(!), which I did and am now awaiting response, but if any of you happen to know more specifics I'd be very grateful!  Or if you have any insights into the question generally please feel free to post!  Regardless, if you've read this I thank you for your time!  Also I've attached a more complete album below as oppose to upload only a few:
    • By max.mlzr
      ich habe eine Ja/Nein Frage für euch.
      Ich bin drauf und dran mir eine IIIF oder eine IIIG zu kaufen. Ich bin auf zwei Konfigurationen mit dem gleichen Elmar 50mm f/3,5 gestoßen. Die Frage die sich mir nun stellt, ist, ob sich ein Aufpreis von 200€ von der IIIF zur IIIG und Features wie der größere Sucher wirklich lohnt?
    • By stvn66
      If you were given the choice between a Leica iiig and a Leica M3 which would you choose and why?
    • By Jodad
      Hey guys.
      I am asking about the yellow tint that appears on some IIIG cameras' viewfinders due to the glue/balsam between the glass elements ageing. What I want to know is if anyone does a fix for this and if anyone has had this repaired on theirs. It's not such a big deal but it makes the VF look a little less bright that the iiig's that I have used that have had neutral coloured VFs (the balsam hasn't been affected).
      Is this just something I have to live with or can I have some thing done to fix it?
      Thanks guys!
    • By Jodad
      Hi all,
      As the title says, has anyone used a 35mm lens on an IIIG without a separate viewfinder? Is it possible?
      I have read in two places vague comments about it being possible using the edges of the cameras VF without needing a dedicated 35mm VF. Both times, there were no responses to those specific comments so...
      Has anyone tried it?  
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