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Leica CL: A Street Photographer Review

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Welcome Eola to the forum and thank you for your insightful examples of fine monochrome street photography. The Street Kit might not be quite as pocketable as some users claim, but it is eminently useable in that genre and a joy to use. It depends on the (physical) size of your pocket 😁

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I enjoyed your photos very much, thank you. In part of your technical write up you state "...the auto to manual focus switching system is another brilliant implementation from Leica engineers since you just need to rotate the focus ring on your lens and you are in full manual control, assisted by a magnified portion of the framed scene..." - I agree but can't get that to work fully on my CL with a 23mm TL Summicron lens. In aperture priory mode, with the TL lens and autofocus set to spot mode, I can acquire focus with a half press of the shutter whereafter turning the focus ring shifts it forward or back with peaking if I wish but NEVER magnification, however I set the aids in the menu. In MF with the same lens both work perfectly.

I've always put this down to my misinterpretation of the manual and that magnification is not available when using AF on TL lenses, even going so far as to add a comment in the FAQ thread which now looks to of been cleaned out. I'm now starting to wonder if I have fault - is anyone able to replicate these symptoms?

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