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The $149.00 7artisans Photoelectric 55mm f/1.4 Lens

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I use this focal length on APS for portraits, worth a try, the only negative I have heard is they are not well made and may fall apart. This was from a CL review. I actually thought about my former photo teacher when I was in college. He said to buy 3 of any lens and keep the best one. He had an arrangement with a photo store to do that, so he really didn't have to buy all 3.


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Just bought one got it today, seems solid, easy to focus at f1.4 on a CL. Focus is smooth, I was surprised at the boxing of the lens, comparable to the Leica 23 f2 I bought. I'll take some pics tomorrow. My only gripe is there are no click stops on the f stop dial, used to Leica, Nikon and Canon.

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A picture of the field and Lyme Hill across the street. Couldn't go far, I was working from home today. So this is a $149 lens not bad but no where in the same league as my Leitz lenses. Using it today, definitely miss the click stops on the aperture ring.




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So I have a 7Artisans L-Mount 55mm f/1.4 with No. 626968 on the front. Seems to be the same except mine isn't 'Photoelectric'.

What makes it photoelectric? What does that mean and how does that help?



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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Mine is over a year old and it doesn't have "Photoelectric" on it. I the name of the company is "7 Artisans Photoelectric" but just referred to as 7 Artisans. If someone with an M 7 Artisans lens it would be interesting to see if "Photoelectric" is on that. Also they make a lot of Sony lenses, but not the forum for that.


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I have the 28mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.1. Both are gorgeous and solid built, feel the same as real Leica, much better than my Contax Zeiss MM or ZM.  I use them on both Leica M and Cl when my Leica 50mm summicron. Is not fast enough. 

While they are excellent on full frame, I feel they are heavier than I expect on CL.

I think the main problem of 7artisans is the price. It is suspiciously low. They might sell better if priced higher.

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