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The $149.00 7artisans Photoelectric 55mm f/1.4 Lens

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I use this focal length on APS for portraits, worth a try, the only negative I have heard is they are not well made and may fall apart. This was from a CL review. I actually thought about my former photo teacher when I was in college. He said to buy 3 of any lens and keep the best one. He had an arrangement with a photo store to do that, so he really didn't have to buy all 3.


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Just bought one got it today, seems solid, easy to focus at f1.4 on a CL. Focus is smooth, I was surprised at the boxing of the lens, comparable to the Leica 23 f2 I bought. I'll take some pics tomorrow. My only gripe is there are no click stops on the f stop dial, used to Leica, Nikon and Canon.

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A picture of the field and Lyme Hill across the street. Couldn't go far, I was working from home today. So this is a $149 lens not bad but no where in the same league as my Leitz lenses. Using it today, definitely miss the click stops on the aperture ring.




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    • By wingedb11
      Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
    • By sboyle92
      A drizzly, cold, damp afternoon on New York City's famed High Line gave a moody, monochrome atmosphere which called for this shot to be captured in B&W. This M240 is my first Leica since my M2. This camera made me fall in love with B&W all over again. I could so trade this in for the M262 Monochrom.

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    • By plasticman
      Mike Johnston at TheOnlinePhotographer blog has been musing about the perfect 'simple' digital camera again, and I can't help thinking that a Leica T(L/2) fits his description perfectly - if only he (and his readers) knew it.
      He acknowledges that Leica is the only camera company embracing photographic simplicity, but the spectre of Leica prices keeps coming back - both in the blog posts and the comments - and the only cameras they seem to acknowledge are the M-series.
      To me, the menu system in the Leica T is the most intuitive and minimal interface that's possible in an advanced digital camera - especially the way that each user can choose their own subset of visible menu items: I have only 4 items in that menu, and regularly only use one of them (the metering type).
      Nowadays the T can be bought for less than a Fuji XE3. You can even pair it with an adapter for non-Leica manual lenses (ie: Olympus OM). Couldn't be simpler or cheaper.
      Incidentally, one of the points being missed in a lot of the comments on TOP's site is the scenario where the user changes a setting on a camera unintentionally. A lot of the commenters say it's easy to just ignore menus and settings they don't understand. But this was one of the problems I persistently had with my X100 - I'd pick it up after a long hiatus and somehow an exposure or other setting had been inadvertently changed, and it would first take me a while to notice, and then usually a long time to fix (hunting through tens of menus). And I'm an app developer, so used to device complexity.
      The T has solved all those problems perfectly.
    • By Bokatom
      I bought my first Leica recently, a T. I'd always loved the design, the single block of aluminium build, and been intrigued by the touchscreen operating system. It always seemed to be a very modern interpretation of an APS-C camera by a company that's know for its long traditions. And with prices so low I thought it was worth trying one out. I'm a bit of a camera tart, you name it over the last 10 years and I've probably had one. I'm a hobbyist rather than a serious photographer and the feel of a camera and the enjoyment of using it is almost as important to me as the image quality.
      I didn't have a lens for it and while I was deciding which ones I should get I ordered the 7artisans 55mm f/1.4 from China. It's a manual lens (I haven't shot manual for years), and quite long (82.5mm equivalent) but very cheap, and it luckily arrived the morning of my holiday to Suffolk so I packed the T as well as my Pana GX9 just in case.
      I was quite surprised just how much I enjoyed using a manual focus lens after so long away. I'm desperately short of practice but thanks to the T's ability to let you zoom in to focus (thanks to everyone on here who helped me work out how to do it) I think I did ok. My Visoflex 020 hasn't arrived yet so all my shots were done using the screen to compose and focus, which was a bit tricky.
      To say I was pleased would be an understatement. I love the feel of the T, think the image quality with the 7artisans was very nice, and loved the look and feel of the pairing. I've got a 35mm Voigtlander M mount as well, just waiting for the adapter to arrive! I think that will be a more useful day to day lens. But even so I found the 55mm quite useful, and even managed some wildlife pics. 
      Most of the images below were taken at F4, with one or two at f1.4 for a bit of variety. Any feedback or advice is more than welcome, I certainly consider myself a Leica beginner, despite my advanced age!

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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By Carothersbs
      Hello I currently have a Leica TL2 using a adaptor for a M mount lens .
       I want to get a auto focus lens that will work with the TL2,  I just don’t want to spend 1,500.00+  At the moment.
       Do I have any options ?
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